Friday, December 24, 2010

Durham-in-Wonderland Supports This Blog : Thanks KC!

 (Since I wrote this post I found out that Professor Johnson wrote a book called "Until Proven Innocent" about the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case)

KC Johnson, of the Durham-in-Wonderland blog is responsible for much of the admittedly meager readership of this blog.  I have to thank him for reading what I have to say and taking my words seriously enough to comment on them on his blog.  

I'm honored that a professor at the CUNY Graduate Center at Brooklyn College would care what I have to say.  I don't want to appear too falsely modest but I don't think I'm really important enough to warrant all this attention.
One point that I feel I need to correct:  About eight or ten years ago I was the President of the Durham People's Alliance.  I enjoyed my work with them until the elections cycle when the Political Committee chose to endorse the exact same candidates as the Republican leaning Friends of Durham PAC.  That's when I split with them because they weren't nearly the radical leftists they pretend to be.

Also, for the readership of Durham-in-Wonderland, I encourage you to read Democracy Durham for yourselves whenever you see it referenced by Prof. Johnson.  The good professor and I have very different views of things and a reading of the original will often give you a quite different understanding than what you will get from simply reading Prof. Johnson's interpretation.

Anyway, thanks again for spreading the news about Democracy Durham.  

Blog On!

Steven Matherly

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