Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Possible Start Of Trial Today But...A Few More Jurors Have To Be Selected

The trial might get started today but I wouldn't hold my breath.  Choosing these jurors has taken quite a while so I'm guessing things will start up tomorrow at the earliest.  We'll see.

There was an interesting exchange between Ms. Dexter, the defense attorney, and Judge Abraham Jones yesterday.  Ms. Dexter tried to ask a white male possible juror if he had much interaction with black folks.  The guy was sent out of the room and the Judge addressed the issue.  Judge Jones seems to think that if you raise the question of race you might be planting a thought in the guys mind that hadn't been there before.

This guy said he was from Virginia somewhere.  I don't know how he could NOT have had some interaction with black folks and how he might NOT have formed an opinion about black folks.  I would have liked to know what every one of the jurors selected so far thinks about black folks.  I think it a real issue since race has been such a factor in the Lacrosse case. 

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