Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mark "Lonesome Rhodes" McCullough Resorts To Insults When His Case Flounders

This is copied from an answer I gave on to an N&O online article this morning:
Witness: Mangum gave no warning about fire in apartment
Assn't DA Mark McCullough is losing this case and he knows it. That is why he stood up in front of the press and the cameras and launched into this pretend tirade. You should have seen him. He put his hand on his hip and and waved the other in the air like he was on the revival circuit! The day before his witness, "Officer" Thompson couldn't keep her story straight and all but had a melt down on the stand. So, the next day, McCullough, seeing how bad his case is going, takes the opportunity to grandstand for the media.

Even if you believe everything the prosecution is saying, which is a big if, this whole issue is absurd. By his own admission "Officer" Tyler says that all this happened very quickly, within seconds. He even says that he had just that second smelled and seen the smoke. So, again assuming he's telling the truth, Ms. Mangum has just been handcuffed. Tyler immediately starts running around trying to find the fire blah, blah, blah. We are supposed to be incensed at Ms. Mangum for not jumping up and frantically trying to save her babies. By their own admission she's under arrest and been told to be still. She didn't smell or see the smoke (assuming the cop's version is true) She is angry and supposedly focused on Mr. Walker's presence.

This whole thing was aired in open court but the jury had been sent out of the room. The judge even knew it was grandstanding.

I know you folks don't like Ms. Mangum but you should at least know what you're talking about before you start spouting off. It just makes you look crazier than you already look when you call her a worthless sack of skin? Does your mother know you talk like that? Does it make you proud to hide behind a screen name and say things your own children know are despicable? Shame on you! Be a grown up and resist your worst impulses to dehumanize someone.

Steven Matherly

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