Saturday, December 18, 2010

Responses To Comments

As many of you know by now the jury came back deadlocked on the 1st Degree Arson charge against Crystal.  There is a lot to talk about but first:


To DeHall:

I guess you wrote this before the verdict came in but I wanted to answer you anyway.  Yes, Crystal got several offers to plead to lesser charges.  The most recent was after the first day of the trial.  A reasonable person might say that she should have taken the plea and not roll the dice with a jury trial.  I have told her personally that she should seriously consider taking the plea if, in her judgement she felt it would be best for her.  However, she says she’s not guilty of the charges and she wanted her day in court.  The verdict wasn’t the best that could have happened but it does allow her to have her kids back and her sentence was for time served.  So, it worked out for her much the way taking the plea would have.  The only up side to doing it this way is that she has put the DA on notice that she isn’t going to roll over and just take anything he offers. 

I haven’t heard yet if she and her attorney are going to appeal the guilty verdicts on the lesser charges.  I suspect they won’t.  We have yet to see if the DA will try to go after her again. 

Thanks for your comment.

Steven Matherly

To Anonymous:

If you give me your email I will send you the contact information for a very good doctor I know who can help you with the rabies you’ve contracted.  Personally, I’d advise you to wipe the froth of your mouth and try not to get dehydrated.  The shots will be painful but you might survive the infection.  Good luck to you and thanks for the thoughtful comments.  They really made my day!

Steven Matherly

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