Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today was the day of "The 14th Juror". One prospective juror after another was dismissed - mostly "For Cause".  That means that they weren't suited for this jury.  If you ask me most of them weren't suited for ANY jury.  Now I know that they are encouraged to be open and honest when they answer the questions put them but this was just too much!  Yesterday, the DA passed on three black folks in a row because they said that they would prefer to have "direct" evidence in addition to circumstantial evidence before they could convict someone.  Today, we had a procession of prejudiced people who, one after another, stated with straight faces that, based on what they had heard in the media about Crystal concerning the Lacrosse case, that they would not be able to treat her fairly.  They sat up there and admitted to their bias.  

Here's the thing that infuriates me:  There was never a trial, everything they heard (and apparently) believed came from the lawyers of those young men, and none of it was proven in a court of law.  So, how can you sit up there and say that you can't keep an open mind and give her the benefit of the doubt.  What is wrong with people.  I guess I should be glad that they told the truth (who would lie about such a thing) but whatever happened to self respect?  I would feel dirty and ashamed to sit up there and declare, to the world, in open court, that I was so ignorant and bigoted as to "form an opinion" about someone based on only one side of the discussion and on facts fed to me by partisans for that side!  

People get SO upset if you call them racist or prejudiced but there it was today in living color!!!

Steven Matherly

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